Project Description


Driving Simulator 2021 was build using Unity 2021 LTS, and the latest Graph Shader.  Published on Google Play currently being available only on the Android platform.


Driving School Simulator 2021 is a car driving simulator using open-world map. Start learning by attending your first driving school missions in order to understand the best practices of driving responsible.

Including lessons that will teach you how to drive, in time you will have the possibility to buy your own cab and start a new chapter by learning how to transport people as a taxi driver. Racing is also available in secure conditions, driving your car with high speeds on public roads is forbidden therefor we you have the possibility to attend legal racing events within the game.

Driving is more than just owning a car and driving it fast trough the city, learning to drive safely and responsible is very important. The police will give you warnings if you drive reckless or will give you a fine in some cases.

Start driving sport cars like sedans supercars or hatchbacks, finish your missions to unlock the possibility of open world, drive with your taxi and take people to their desired destination and enjoy your time in our game.
Learn how to drive an automatic transmission, and pay attention to road signs, do not go over the speed limit and obey all the rules.

Open world map is available after level 10 from where you can travel and feel free to explore all the map. Our target is to transpose the reality into a game from the perspective of driving, working or racing all within the legal rights of driving on public roads.

Thanks for reading, and we hope to bring you joy within our game.If you encounter any bugs please report them to us and we are going to try and fix them within new updates.

Driving Simulator 2021 Key Features

The main focus for the game was to build a free driving experience. Within the game you are required to finish the driver school first as it would be in real life


Pictures from the actual game launched on Google Play

Download on Android !